Find balance in your life

Stress Anxiety Depression

Depression, low mood, anxiety and stress are some of the most common problems we face in our busy lives today.

During hypnotherapy you will be able to identify new tools for overcoming your difficulties. The calming and relaxing experience will help you feel better both emotionally and physically. My clients say they are able to cope much better and think positively after only a few sessions

Successful weight management

Managing Weight

Through hypnotherapy you will gain insight into your relationship with food. We will find ways to help you to set and achieve your goals to live the healthy life you want.

Get help with your phobia


Perhaps you have a fear of spiders, snakes, wasps, dentists, flying. Whatever you are afraid of - you can be free of your fears and start to enjoy life more. Phobias are resolved within 3 sessions of hypnotherapy


Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour

Having OCD  leads to intrusive thoughts that  compel you to carry out ritualistic behaviours to reduce anxiety. It can feel overwhelming and affect your quality of life. Hypnotherapy can be very effective -  helping  you  gain control over your thoughts and behaviour so you can get on with your life

Stop Smoking Fast

Stop Smoking

You want to quit smoking and now you are thinking about trying hypnotherapy. The good news is that we can help you quit for good in one session. 

Help with long term pain with Chestnut Hypnotherapy


A calm and relaxed mind encourages the production of serotonin which is a naturally produced chemical which helps us to cope with life. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help reduce stress, interrupt the pain signals and help you to cope better with some types of pain.

Improve your confidence with Chestnut Hypnotherapy Canterbury

Self Confidence

 Gain  your confidence through hypnosis and you will identify what is holding you back. You will change your mindset and  free yourself from negative self-talk.

Improve your sports performance with Chestnut Hypnotherapy

Sports Performance

Top sport  professionals  recognise the psychological element of their performance.  If you want to improve your performance  for an upcoming event or all round improvement. We will identify and focus on your goals. Through Solution focused Hypnotherapy we will help you achieve them 

Improve your golf swing with Chestnut Hypnotherapy

Therapy for Children and Teenagers

Help with anxiety and depression for teenagers

Children and Young People

As someone who specialised  in children  and young peoples' mental health for many years in the National Health Service I want to offer this exciting  therapy to young people. It can be really terrifying experiencing anxiety, depression, phobias and fears as a  child or teenager and I have the skills, knowledge and experience to help. If you are a young person or parent reading this please contact me to discuss further

Mental health support for children. Depression anxiety and behaviour problems.

Whatever is holding you back you can make changes...

"The brain is more playdoh than porcelain".

Regain your confidence and feel like you again

Chestnut Hypnotherapy

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