Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

You worry about things  – the sort of stuff you know that others don’t even notice. It might be about things becoming contaminated or perhaps you have to complete certain rituals  which stop you worrying about something bad happening. 

You have these thoughts, that are intrusive and you feel compelled to carry out actions to reduce your anxiety.

Your OCD stops you getting on with life because you spend too long checking things and carrying out your rituals.  Your life is passing you by and you worry that your problem is affecting your family too. They don’t know what to do to help.

OCD  is puzzling as you know that in reality your behaviour isn’t logical but you’re in the grip of a vicious circle.  The more anxious you become the worse it gets. 

You have tried to get help  before but you need something else as you just can’t stop this behaviour. You want to change now and wonder whether hypnotherapy might help.

With hypnotherapy, the symptoms of OCD can  improve substantially. Just imagine how much time you would have to enjoy your life if you didn’t spend so much time completing the rituals. 

If your mind was free to think other thoughts – what would you think about?  You would be able to plan things that you want to do and  this could  really change your life.

Life with  OCD can be exhausting  and lonely as others don’t understand your behaviour. However, it is possible to  take back control  of your mindset and find peace and contentment again.

How do I start hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy for OCD starts with an initial, one hour consultation. This consultation is  completely FREE and there is no obligation to book further sessions if it’s not right for you. At the initial consultation we gather brief information  (name, age, address etc.) and  we explain how and why the therapy works. 

Further sessions are one  hour long and usually take place once a week. Most customers  have  around 8 - 12 sessions, although this can vary. After a period of time you may feel that you want  to space the appointments out further and we can agree what is best for you.

The aim of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is to help you discover your very own toolkit for your life.  So, you can feel confident that you can handle  whatever life throws at you after you have stopped coming to the clinic.

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand, although it can sometimes feel like it when you feel much better. In order to benefit from sessions, you will need to take responsibility for your wellbeing and  attend the appointments regularly. Chestnut Hypnotherapy will be there with you to help you on your path to change.