Get help with panic attacks and claustrophobia

I went to see Bonnie as I was struggling with panic attacks claustrophobia, stress and anxiety.

Bonnie helped me through weekly sessions of hypnotherapy to cope with symptoms and relieve the stress.

I learnt to understand why my brain was working that way.

As a result I can deal with anxiety,panic and stress and I feel more relaxed and positive.The experience has made me feel in control and happier in myself.

Mrs B Canterbury  Kent 

Feel happy with who you are. Feel in control of your eating

I saw Bonnie on a weekly basis and found her to be highly professional and approachable.

I initially went to see Bonnie in order to loose weight. 

The sessions not only made me reevaluate my relationship with food but I am now far more relaxed about life in general and feel stronger for it. 

                    Ms H Canterbury

Improve your confidence and performance at work with Chestnut Hypnotherapy Canterbury

 Seeing Bonnie for hypnotherapy has helped me in many ways. She has enabled me to find my confidence with my work, as well as my personal relationships. 

I loved the journey and I think it is such a valuable healthcare tool. Bonnie demonstrated empathy and understanding and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is losing their way!  Thank you Bonnie. 

                  Ms D  Canterbury Kent

Fear of flying

I have had treatment for a fear of flying phobia with Bonnie. I have now flown twice since the hypnotherapy sessions and I have felt very relaxed. 

No white knuckles on take off and landing which makes a pleasant change. Thank you Bonnie for your help. 


                 Mrs C Canterbury Kent

Get help with your fears

Bonnie is a talented , empathic and skilful hypnotherapist whom I have no hesitation in recommending.

 I really looked forward to our hypnotherapy sessions which left me feeling totally relaxed . She really helped me address my fear of heights.

                 Mr M. Ash, Kent Canterbury


Improve your mental health in the work place

I went to see Bonnie because I was finding work stressful and I was having problems sleeping. This was having an impact on my confidence and self-esteem and making me feel quite low and unhappy.

Bonnie helped me by using solution focused techniques and hypnotherapy. She also gave me a recording to listen to every night. In the sessions she used education about how the brain works and she helped me to move on from always seeing things in a negative way. I was able  to find solutions to the work based anxiety. 

I started to feel happier and more in control at work and for the first time in years I was sleeping through the night. It also helped me feel more confident in my new job.

The  hypnotherapy made me feel relaxed and contented. I found the experience enjoyable and I felt happy that I was able to move on from my stress related thoughts.

I would recommend Bonnie to people with any form of emotional issue that is stopping them from feeling generally happy, especially where it’s work related stress. I would also recommend Bonnie if you have had long term sleep problems because she helped me break a habit of broken sleep that I had for about 20 years.


                     Ms K Dover Kent