Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Many people experience phobias leading to excessive fear or anxiety about a situation object or creature. Sometimes the phobia can affect daily life and you  find yourself taking enormous steps to avoid  the  anxiety provoking situation. Just thinking about the phobia can bring on anxiety.

Common examples of phobias include:

•  animal phobias – such as dogs, spiders, snakes or mice

•  environmental phobias – such as heights, deep water 

•  situational phobias – such as visiting the dentist or flying

•  bodily phobias – such as blood, vomit or having injections

Phobias develop in the subconscious mind, which at some point in the past developed a compelling reason to believe the object of the fear was a genuine threat to  safety. It can be difficult to overcome the thoughts despite intellectually knowing that they are not truly logical. 

Hypnotherapy uses a variety of techniques for overcoming phobias which are effective, gentle and safe. During your initial consultation we explore how the brain works, how we create these phobic responses and how we overcome them.

You will  receive a FREE relaxation download at your initial consultation.  Three further sessions are needed to help you overcome your phobia using relaxation, rewind and reframe techniques to take the  distressing negative emotion out of the phobic situation or object. 

Imagine being  free of your phobia. What new opportunities could open up?  What might you be able to do if you no longer feel so restricted by the anxiety?