Weight Management

 Managing  Your Weight

I think we are beginning  to realise that diets don’t work – unless of course we can figure out a way to change our lifestyle.

 You see we are genetically engineered to eat food. Not just any food– we crave  calorific food, as our primitive inner caveman/woman is telling us that we need to eat it now,  in case supplies run out in times of famine. 

However, in our modern times most of us are absolutely surrounded by food and we have an abundant supply. The trouble is, our primitive drives are still here so we eat too much.  Your primitive caveman/woman brain is only doing what it thinks it should do.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help you to understand why you feel at the mercy of the primitive parts of your brain and what you can do about it. 

Your will find ways to change your mindset and gain control of your eating.

If you are ready to take back control of your eating  and  work with me to change the way you feel about food then please get in touch.

How do I start hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy for weight management starts with an initial, one hour consultation. This consultation is  completely FREE and there is no obligation to book further sessions if it’s not right for you. 

At the initial consultation we gather brief information  (name, age, address etc.) and  we explain how and why the therapy works. 

Further sessions are one  hour long and usually take place once a week. Most customers  have  around 8 - 12 sessions, although this can vary. 

After a period of time you may feel that you want  to space the appointments out further and we can agree what is best for you.

Being A Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Customer 

The aim of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is to help you discover your very own toolkit for your life.  

So, you can feel confident that you can handle whatever life throws at you after you have stopped coming to the clinic.

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand, although it can sometimes feel like it when you feel  that  you have made great progress. 

In order to benefit from sessions, you will need to take responsibility for your wellbeing and  attend the appointments regularly. Chestnut Hypnotherapy will be there with you to help you on your path to change.